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The most important step when organizing an event is the marketing and you will need to use different tools and platforms for this. The most obvious ones are social media but I am also going to tell you about other platforms that I use to market my events. Just keep in mind that marketing an event is not only for before the event but also during the event. These marketing tools will help you attract more attendees but also make your event look more dynamic and interesting.

1- Social Media


There are so many social media that you can use to create the buzz for your event but here are the most important ones you should be on:

  • Facebook: Facebook is one of the most important social media to use when marketing events mostly because you have the possibility to create your event, invite all your contacts and followers and it will also give you an idea on how many attendees you can expect. The other advantage is that all the persons invited will receive notifications and reminders of your event.
  • Twitter: Twitter is another social media that cannot be forgotten as this is one of the most used social media and you can tweet as much as you want without annoying your followers. Twitter is a great tool to promote your event before but also during the event, so make sure to share information and updates as well as videos during the event.
  • Instagram: Instagram is another social media that I really like to use to promote an event, especially during the event as you can share pictures, videos, stories and live videos. Instagram allows everyone to have a glimpse of all the fun of the event thanks to live videos where you can present the venue, food and entertainment. Make sure to use hashtags, tag people and add the location so your posts get more attention.

2- Useful Tools


  • Hootsuite: This platform allows you to schedule posts, pictures and videos on all of your social media so this is great to already schedule as many posts as you can so you can focus on other things in the meantime.
  • Event Sharing websites: Many websites have an event calendar where you can add your own event. These sites are really great as they allow you to share your event on many platforms and grow your audience as well.
  • Sponsors, ambassadors and venues platforms: Every platform is good to use so make sure that your sponsors, ambassadors and the venue are also promoting the event on their social media and website.
  • Online Storage: One of the most useful tool for event planners is online storage like the Cloud or google drive that allow you to keep all your files and documents safe. This is very useful as you can have access to your documents everywhere and also you are sure that even if your computer dies you won’t lose anything.


Watch our video below for more complete information and tips on How to develop a PR plan for your event.

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Venue Menu / Symes

The Symes is an event space on Symes Road in The Junction area of Toronto. The space was founded by three local entrepreneur’s, Viviana Kohon, Namita Tandon-Walsh and Caitie Yu. The Toronto Star described it as an “architectural gem, with a timeless sense of style”.

This event space has every accommodation required to suit all types of events. The Scarlett Room is well suited for weddings, cocktail dinners and small-scale corporate events. The Grand Symes is 5,600 square feet of space, highly arched ceilings and three skylights, suited for concerts, large productions, fundraisers and car shows.

Mains – Features
The Symes was built in the 1930’s and consists of two grand scale rooms; The Scarlett Room and Grand Symes. The Scarlett Room has a capacity of 280 guests indoors, with a capacity of 250 on the outdoor terrace. The Grand Symes has a capacity of 350 guests. Both rooms are spacious with the perfect amount of natural lighting; while staying true to its Renaissance design.

A large plus to this venue is the proximity to a new location of The Junction Craft Brewing Co. This fantastic local brewery is right on site, sharing the historical ‘Destructor’ building beside The Symes. This location is brand new, having just opened its doors for business on January 27, 2018.

The Symes is partnered with a successful and trendy list of caterers, event service providers, floral and rental companies. Daniel et Daniel, The Food Dudes, Forget Me Not Flowers and Divine Furniture Rentals are among the list and may be an option for your next event at The Symes.

Event Hours: Negotiable

Address: 150 Symes Road, Toronto ON M6N 0B1

For more information and to book a visit, head to their website:

Venue Menu: Kelly’s Landing Bar Grill, the venue you’re going to want to land in!

Kelly’s Landing Bar Grill Hub is a beautiful designed space located in the core of Downtown, they welcome guests with enjoyable food and drinks.

At Kelly’s Landing, they offer a wide variety of drinks. You have over 25 beers to choose from at the bar. You will not only find your usual but some of the best beers from countries like Mexico, Germany, Italy, the U.S. and even Denmark.

Their Instagram popular cocktail, the Kelly’s Caesar is like no other. They added their own touch to this known cocktail by adding a slice of pizza, lobster, fruits and a bunch of appetizing sides. It’s not comparable to the regular Caesar cocktail that usually only comes with a celery stick and olives.

The venue has a rich menu sectioned off into share plates, pizza, salads, burgers, sandwiches, mains and desserts. It’s the perfect place to go with coworkers and friends to share and try new dishes.

The venue can welcome about 373 guests ; the main dining room seats 200 guests, while the North and South patio together seat 70, the solarium also seats 70, finally the bar seats 33 guests.

It’s the perfect place to go down for lunch, after work or to simply watch a game on their big screens. The modern and classic atmosphere makes everything enjoyable. Without forgetting their staff, who are very friendly, fun and experts in making guests’ experience memorable.

Kelly’s Landing operation hours are Sunday to Wednesday from 11am to 12am and the hours change to 11am to 1am on busy nights like Thursday to Sunday.




Contact Info:


The Brandscape Grand Opening

Sourced from Brandscape

Sourced from Brandscape










Having met at OCADU, the owners of Tough Guy Mountain’s (TGM) began working together in 2012. TGM creates “total works of art and started as an artist collective of over a dozen members. They decided to move their operation into a new digital studio which created Brandscape!! The vision for space is to host events, offer working space, create videos, virtual reality among other options to build’’.


Cocktail service can be flexible as the event space is an open concept where you can create your own flow and bar set up and offerings. For SOP requirements please provide details and inquire with the Brandscape staff.

Mains – Features

At Brandscape you can find several rooms including a Kitchen/Greenroom, a 2500 sq ft Hall for event rentals, Co-working space for media artists, 50’x20’ Green screen, Cyclorama wall for photoshoots, Video and more and also a room for Workshops in VR, AR, and new media. With a capacity of 200 people a studio and event space, the venue hosted the art collective Tough Guy Mountain and the video game company Post Capitalist Propaganda.

They also have a cyclo wall for filming that right now is painted in green, and facilities for creating virtual reality is in development. With all of that, Tough Guy Mountain is the best choice for you to plan an interesting event or film shoot.

For more information, or to book your event, please visit.

Deb’s Venue Menu: CRAFT Beer Market opens restaurant in Toronto

PJ L'Heureux (on right) founder and owner of Craft Beer Market with Peter Bulut Jr., (center) President and Chief Brewing Officer of Great Lakes Brewery.

PJ L’Heureux (on right) founder and owner of Craft Beer Market with Peter Bulut Jr., (center) President and Chief Brewing Officer of Great Lakes Brewery.



CRAFT Beer Market is a Calgary-based restaurant chain which brings to Toronto the largest selection of draft beers in Ontario.


The new location is a two-storey building with an indoor capacity of approximately 500 people and featuring a glass-enclosed room by the entrance displaying over 250 kegs. Steel beer pipes run across the venue’s ceiling connecting the keg room to the central island bar.

CRAFT Beer Market central island bar

CRAFT Beer Market central island bar


Mains – Features 

CRAFT’s main bar consists of 160 taps including ciders, fruity beers, classic lagers and dark ales. The food is prepared with locally-sourced ingredients and there are options for children, gluten intolerant eaters and guests with food allergies. It also has a beer garden which hosts up to 200 guests and will open this spring.


Every weekend from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. CRAFT offers a special brunch meal. It varies from the Classic Breakfast with farm fresh eggs, bacon and crispy harsh browns to Breakfast Tacos with beer can chicken, pico de gallo, guacamole and feta cheese.

View from the upper mezzanine at CRAFT.

View from the upper mezzanine at CRAFT.


Desserts – The Icing

The restaurant is open daily from lunch to late night. Whether you want to enjoy a pint after work or have brunch on the weekend, CRAFT is the place to go anytime for diverse craft beers and quality food. Minors are welcome until 9 p.m. so you can bring the whole family along. The venue accommodates various event styles from cocktail receptions to buffet dinners and also offers A/V system. Make sure to include the keg fridge tour to wow your guests during your party.



Main floor bar/lounge: 200 people standing

Main floor dining room: 65 standing and 50 seated

Upper mezzanine: 200 standing and 120 seated

Patio: 200 people standing

Event hours: Negotiable

Event contact: Kelsey Jenkins –

Address: 1 Adelaide Street East, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5C 1J4

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