Showing the Canadian Style of Living during the Seneca FAM Trip 2018

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On Monday April 23rd and Tuesday April 24th, the International Department of Seneca College organized their 2018 FAM Trip for more than 250 international agents. At CityEvents we were thrilled to be hired to assist with the special events and planning.

During this two-day event, Seneca showed the different campuses and the diversity of Canada.
The first day, the agents were guided through the Seneca Newnham Campus and enjoyed a copious breakfast with the President of Seneca, David Agnew. Afterwards, they were split up in different groups and participated in different workshops and activities, such as ice skating classes and tours of the residences.

In the evening, the agents were brought to the Kortright Centre for Conservation, located a few miles away from the city. Here, they followed a maple syrup tour through the impressive woods of Kortright. After the tour, an indigenous ceremony was held inside the centre. The holy rituals of the First Nations were shown and two dancers performed their traditional dances.

At the Canadian-themed photobooth, the agent could take funny group pictures as the décor was all Canadiana styled, Muskoka chairs and the red and white colours of the flag couldn’t be left out.

The dinner consisted of a large buffet with delicious Canadian dishes and the evening was closed by a cosy gathering around a campfire with s’mores while a guitar player and singer were playing songs.

The next day, breakfast was served at the Westin Hotel in Don Mills where the agents also attended an interesting Social Media Class. Afterwards, the activities were resumed at the Jane Campus. During the day, the agents participated in different workshops, activities, classes and information sessions.

The FAM Trip wasn’t all work and no play. The last evening of the event was a bang with no lack of entertainment and food! At the newly renovated Brickworks, different food trucks and food stands served all kind of dishes from all over the world, such as Sushi, Pizza, Tacos, BBQ etc.

By serving such a versatile kitchen, Seneca wanted to show the diversity of Toronto and Canada in general. All the different nationalities make Toronto one of the most multicultural cities in the world and therefore Seneca finds it important to give as many international students as possible the opportunity to experience this diversity.

This was a large event for CityEvents in 2018 and look forward to assisting other clients on their next event.

After the food truck festival, the video of the FAM Trip was shown and final speeches were given. Seeing that the agents and Seneca Staff were together all the time during these two days, the showing video was an emotional and touching moment.

This moment didn’t last long, as suddenly colourful Lion Dancers appeared and played a powerful performance. These dancers were followed by Russian dancers, Bollywood dancers and Brazilian dancers.

After the amazing performances, the crowd was in the mood to end the night with an awesome dance party.

2018 Canadian Helen Keller Centre Luncheon

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On April 27th, 2018 the Canadian Helen Keller Centre Annual Award Luncheon was held at the Fairmont Royal York for the 14th time. The event is hosted by–and is a project of–the Canadian Foundation for Physically Disabled Persons (CFPDP). During this luncheon, the guests support the CHKC by attending and funding the organization thanks to their generous donations.

This year, the Royal Ontario Museum was honoured for its remarkable efforts it has made for the disabled and the deaf-blind community specifically. Honourable Vim Kochhar, the founder of CHKC, presented the award to Josh Basseches, the Director and CEO of the ROM, together with a $5000 check in order to implement even more adaptations at the museum.

People who are deaf blind need appropriate care and this is often hard to obtain. Therefore, the Canadian Helen Keller Centre is indispensable. The centre offers a residence where deaf-blind people can live on their own and get training. Programs include necessary everyday skills such as home organization, grooming, personal finance, computer skills, communication skills like sign-language and braille and many more.

After the lunch, Jim Sanders – the keynote speaker and the former President and CEO of the CNIB (Canadian National Institute for the Blind) – took the stage and gave an inspiring speech about being blind and how this did not stop him from succeeding in life.

The testimonial gave faith to the guests who go through the same condition as Mr. Sanders and encouraged them to not give up on their dreams. Everyone was touched by his words and only a great respect was felt for this exceptional man.

At the end of the luncheon, the usual raffle was conducted and many lucky guests won marvellous prizes.

Learn more about the Canadian Helen Keller Centre

Information on past awards and the host organization, Canadian Foundation for Physically Disabled Persons

Canadian Helen Keller Centre honours ROM at award luncheon

The Canadian Helen Keller Centre (CHKC) Award was launched in 2005 to recognize individuals and organizations for their notable contributions to the deaf-blind community in Canada. The event is hosted by–and is a project of–the Canadian Foundation for Physically Disabled Persons (CFPDP).

The deaf-blind community is a unique community of individuals with this dual disability. CFPDP aims to help change the way Canadians think about physical disabilities. For this, the CHKC and awards were launched. CHKC is Canada’s first training facility dedicated solely to deaf-blind persons. Programs include necessary everyday skills such as home organization, grooming, personal finance, computer skills, communication skills like sign-language and braille and many more.

On Friday, April 27, the 14th annual luncheon will be held at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel. This year, CHKC will honour the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). The award will be accepted by Josh Basseches, Director & CEO, ROM and the guest speaker will be Josh Saunders.


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Are you a food lover? Are you that person who always has to take a picture of your food before even diving in? Oh..and are you single? If yes, keep reading because you’re going to love what’s in store for you.

We often hear about apps that bring people together but the one you’re about to be introduced to is on a whole other level. Let me introduce to you PB&J-Find your jam! PB&J is an app that brings people together based on the food they like.  

To announce their app launch PB&J is hosting a launch party for all Toronto singles food lovers! If you’re single and ready to mingle, this is the perfect event for you. What’s better than bonding over your favourite foods? PB&J holds the concept of eating together at its core.

Come and be part of a first ever IRL Food dating mixer. Enjoy free food, giveaways, contest prizes with good music and entertainments April 4th at The Great Hall. You can RSVP on  Eventbrite and by downloading the PB&J – Find Your Jam! app onto your iPhone or Android and the show app icon at the door the night of.

Find your jam app becomes available for download on iOS and Android on April 2nd. Click on the link below to download it.

PB&J for Android: Google Play

PB&J for iPhones: Apple Store




The CFPDP’s 34th Annual Great Valentine Gala!

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The Canadian Foundation for Physically Disabled Persons (CFPDP) celebrated their 34th year of hosting the Great Valentine Gala. This year’s event took place on Saturday, February 3rd, 2018.

Deb Lewis with Jim Cuddy Band

Deb Lewis with Jim Cuddy Band














The Great Valentine Gala is one of many initiatives the Foundation puts on in order to celebrate, recognize and provide awareness to physically challenged Canadians from across the country. The Gala could not have been done without the help of philanthropist and CFPDP founder, Honourable Vim Kochhar.

This year, the Gala hosted 425 guests at the Fairmont Royal York, where everyone mingled and enjoyed wine, an awards presentation, and a fantastic meal. The reception followed with a live performance from the Jim Cuddy Band and ended the night with some dancing with the help of DJ, Jerry Archer.

Guests were able to purchase Tombola balloons for $60 and redeem prizes throughout the evening. The CFPDP has raised over $30 million over the last few years, all thanks to the success of the Great Valentine Gala!

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