Earls Adds Summer Fun In The Financial District

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A warm and welcoming west coast feel, champagne on hand to greet and a menu with a flirtatious sense of fun- caught your attention yet? Earl’s Restaurant, located in the heart of Toronto’s financial district, recently inaugurated their summer patio and created a welcoming place where everything good in life tastes even better in a relaxed yet extremely stylish environment.

The patio launch was impressive; Earls hired the best local d.js to keep the crowd “vibing” and poured Dom Perignon and Moet Chandon to cater the exclusive crowd. Each booth and section had cigars on hand for the guests. Earls is a great addition to Toronto’s vibrant restaurant scene and is will be on of the busy hot spots in the financial district this summer. Definitely worth checking out. www.earls.ca

Liberty Social Hour: Le Bel Été – Are You In?

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Perhaps the atmosphere of last Thursday’s Liberty Social Hour is best captured by the name of our host venue: Merci Mon Ami – it was truly a gathering of friends. For some, it was the greeting of old friends but for most, it was being finally able to exchange names and numbers with the faces they’ve seen and the businesses they’ve come across in the neighbourhood.

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Trinity-Spadina PC Candidate Mike Yen was there. Folks from Danceology, Kingwest Fitness, and other studios came by. Artists, techies, designers and chefs made appearances. Residents came out. Commuters dropped in. From veteran Villagers to aspiring hopefuls… the collection of guests were as varied and interesting as the Liberty Village mosaic itself.

And as usual, food was delicious and drinks were refreshingly apt for a summer’s evening.

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I can’t wait for the next Liberty Social Hour at Locus 144. With live singer Lucia, drink specials and menu promotions all happening in conjunction with Live It Up.  Liberty Social Hour: Le Bel Été.

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Shellac- My experience getting the 3 week Manicure!

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About 3-4 weeks ago, I was feeling a little adventurous and decided to try out this new thing, Shellac, that everyone is talking about. A couple of my friends were talking about and raving about the way it left their nails looking. I’m not very fussy about nails, I will occasionally get color before an event but I like to keep it pretty natural. I originally went to the salon for a simple manicure and the lady convinced me to try out the “3 week” manicure. Since everyone was raving about this new thing “Shellac” I said, why not, it was only a difference of 10 dollars and if it’s going to strengthen my nails and not chip, then I guess it’s worth it.

Shellac- The 3 week Manicure The Process and application of Shellac:

I sat in the chair and the lady started working on the masterpiece. I was already thoroughly impressed by the manicure part. My nail buds looked tidy and my cuticles were perfectly clean. After seeing the manicure working out smoothly I relaxed a bit more and started to get more excited about this Shellac business. I picked the color I wanted, which was a rose pink and watched as my nail technician cleaned out her station and got ready. The shellac, to my surprise, came in a bottle that looks identical to nail polish. It is also applied just the same way as nail polish. After the first coat, I was asked to put my hands under a UV light, slightly confused by the process, I simply nodded and did what was asked of me. 2 coats later, my nails look fabulous. The color was glossy, and my nails didn’t look fake or thick. I was extremely impressed and happy with my decision.

Shellac- The 3 week Manicure Removal of Shellac:

As I went up to pay and got ready to head out, I asked the lady about the removal process. She said, you come back every 3 weeks for a fill or dip a cotton pad in nail polish remover and place in on top of the Shellac polish for 5-10 minutes to completely remove it. I think she noticed my stunned expression, which screamed, “I have no time for that.” She quickly said with a smile on her face that I can wrap a piece of aluminum wrap around my finger to hold the cotton pad down in order to do my work and not be distracted. I was a tad turned off about the removal process, but then again, I should have asked before making the commitment to this manicure.

Shellac- Removal Well, last night was the time to take off my Shellac. So I did exactly what was asked of me. And just like the lady described, after 10 minutes, the gel polish slid off my nails. There were still some pieces I had to pole with a tweezer but it was not bad at all. My nails are not damaged and my cuticles still look decent. I think this might be something to keep up, but with my crazy schedule, I’m not sure If I have the time to go back every three weeks for a fill.

My experience with Shellac was great! I was a little taken aback by the fact the I was not briefed on the removal process before the application began. But this was a simple miscommunication. The nail technician didn’t answer because I did not ask. All in all, during months with back-to-back events, I will definitely be considering the 3 week manicure. Have you ever tried Shellac before? What was your experience like?

Lenzr Adds Four New Photo Contests!

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Lenzr had added another 4 contests to their July-August season. Lenzr always adds new contests to their cycle, which is pretty great. You don’t have to wait long before a new contest to spark your interest is added to the roster.

Fireplaces and Furnaces Photo Contest:

The first contest is Fireplaces and Furnaces. Since it’s so hot outside, Lenzr is trying to cool you down by having you think back to the cold winter. Submit photographs of you in a cozy scene. You can be getting all nice and warm around a fireplace or furnace. The winner of this contest will get a Sony Laptop courtesy of an Ontario furnace installer. The summer season is, after all, the cheapest time to think about a furnace replacement or installation.

Toronto Tourist Attractions Photo Contest:

The second contest is all about Toronto Tourist Attractions. Everywhere I go in Toronto, I hear accents and different languages. It is tourist season but I guess I never realized how big of a “tourist” hub Toronto has. Our city does have a lot of attractions to offer visitors–the islands alone are great and appealing to both locals and tourists. Let’s all celebrate the beauty of Toronto! Submit the type of photo you would like in a travel publication. The winner of this contest will receive a Sea Eagle inflatable kayak courtesy of a Toronto B&B that’s as downtown as you’ll find in Canada’s largest city.

Haircuts and Hairstyles Photo Contest:

The third contest is by far my favorite this month. It’s all about Haircuts and Hairstyles. I know a lot about that, I’ve had some of the worst and best hair jobs, so I feel like I can relate to this challenge comfortably. The idea is to capture a beautiful, unique or iconic hairstyle, with the haircut as the main focus of your photograph. The prize is also incredible–you win a high-end blow dryer and flat iron courtesy of a new Yorkville Salon. You can also use the flat iron create beautiful waves, making it a 2 in 1, a curler and flat iron.

Objects in Motion Photo Contest:

The fourth contest that has been added is Objects in Motion. This photo contest is a bit of a challenge and in my opinion you might need a professional camera to get the winning shot. You must capture an object, person or animal in motion. Be sure your photograph indicates which direction your object is moving in. The winner will receive a Sony laptop courtesy of an international air freight company that’s constantly keeping objects in motion over land, sea and sky.

Be sure to enter your photographs before August 25th. Judges will deliberate and choose the photograph from the top ten. The winner will be announced on September 1st.



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With a tagline promising “5 Thursdays, 5 Locations, 1 Community,” Liberty Social Hour: Le Bel Été kicked off on July 7, 2011. Held at Barista Espresso Bar on East Liberty St., a cozy café with a distinctly European feel, guests were treated to free appetizers, $5 beers and an evening spent rubbing shoulders with fellow Liberty Villagers.


Hoping to do its part in fostering community relations, the inaugural event did not disappoint. The neighbourly welcome began at the door and carried its way inside, where, akin to a party held at a friend’s house, introductions and co-mingling were plentiful. Even one-time mayoral candidate, Sarah Thomson, CEO of Women’s Post and current Liberal candidate for October’s election, stopped by to say hi!


After an evening spent making new friends, a gift bag featuring information and deals from various businesses located in Liberty Village was given out, placing a metaphorical cherry on the top of the night. With one Thursday down and four more to go, the next Liberty Social Hour is taking place on July 14 at Merci Mon Ami, on their 3rd year anniversary and a portion of sales will be donated to ovarian cancer. Attending Liberty Social Hour definitely reminded me why living in Liberty Village truly means a beautiful summer is ahead.


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