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ballroom staircaseThe newly opened Trump International Hotel and Tower in Toronto, located in the financial district, is an example in luxury and beauty.  The tower which has 261 rooms was designed to show off Toronto’s impressive skyline.  The launch in March showcased some of the chef’s specialties and full chocolate bar.

Trump is known for being glamorous and larger than life that is present in the new hotel and towers where guests can enjoy of  a 12 000 sq ft event space.

There a several options available from meeting spaces to ballrooms the Trump tower is designed to cater to a wide variety of needs. The available event space includes The Grand Salon, The Grand Ballroom, The Trump Boardroom, and Ballrooms 1-3 which can be used individually or combined, the same goes for Salons 1-3.

At the launch event the extra ballroom design was courtesy of MB Designs Inc; with flowers, candlesticks, lamps, geometric walls to add an extra touch to any event.

lamp on table

If you are always on the look out for great event space then why not consider the city’s newest edition into the luxury hotel market to furnish you with a space for your unforgettable experience in the making. There are many things associated with Trump Hotels including drama, beauty, opulence and glamour all of which would make your event more memorable.

Trump SalonThe Trump International Hotel and Tower is located in the heart of the financial district at 325 Bay Street. For more information on event spaces visit their website at or call (416) 306-5800.

Ian Sheldon – Storm Chaser Revel in the Drama of Land and Sky

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Ian Sheldon
Storm Chaser
Revel in the Drama of Land and Sky

Drama is the essence of Ian’s work. His mastery is expressed with dimension, subtlet and beauty both through oil on canvas and majestic glass works. Educated as a scientist he chose to chase the visual kaleidoscope that only a storm can create, its dawn, its fury and its reprieve. A self-proclaimed “storm chaser” Ian vividely portrays the palette of nature with an emphasis on the calming effect of blue.

You can preview the new collection on Ian’s website or
Supported by the Canada Concil for the Arts under the Alberta Creative Development Initiatvie.

Where: Gallery 1313, Gallery House Wed-Sunday 1-6 pm
1313 Queen Street West
Opening Reception: Thursday, February 23, 2012
Time: 7 – 10 pm

Tips for LinkedIn

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Puzzle Pieces

LinkedIn is among the more popular social media platforms and it is not hard to see why; it lets users make professional connections where most social media is better for making personal ones. LinkedIn has the benefit of influencing what comes up when doing searches like Google.  Instead of seeing potential embarrassing photos users are met with your professional profile.


Social Media for the Enterprise Presented by LinkedIn for Social Media Week emphasized some key points about using LinkedIn that we have shared below.

Develop A Brand

You are going to want to distinguish yourself and promote your positive attributes.


Showcase The Person Behind The Brand

People are going to want to know what makes you and your brand different so don’t be afraid to show your interests; just make sure that they don’t hurt your professional image.


Monitor Your Profile

Have relevant an up to date information. This will give people viewing your profile the right tools to effectively communicate to and about you. Help them understand what benefits you can provide by keeping information accurate and up to date.



LinkedIn has groups for nearly every profession, so join one and contribute.  This is all about visibility, by being an active participant you can show your expertise and raise your profile within your profession.


Make Connections Through Connections

Social media is about relationships and engagement; having a strong network is dependent on you making the effort; your connections are resource base and they can help you by providing new contacts.

Exceptional Distillery District Hospitality Locations

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I want to highlight for you one of this cities most talked about regions, The Distillery District. It has a lot of history for the city; filled with Victorian Industrial Architecture its past is very much present in the local businesses that currently occupy it. It is a chic location perfect for having fun among friends.

Archeo Trattoria's Bar

Many places in this city do Italian food but, Archeo Trattoria does it well.  The spacious environment lends itself well to hosting events; it can fit up to 200 people. Archeo also has a patio perfect for the summer. If you find yourself in the Distillery District don’t hesitate to try it out.

If you’ve ever had to choose between a great environment and great food you can appreciate Tappo Wine Bar and Restaurant as it has both. With their extensive menu and culinary skill it has a lot going for it. Specializing in classic Mediterranean and Italian food and extensive wine list; Tappo knows how to create an enjoyable meal. Its patio features two stainless steel fire pits.

The Pure Spirits Oyster House and Grill has a comfortable, dare I say cozy environment. The menu is where the real fun begins which includes oyster, but also fish, pork, duck and steak frites.

For those of you that are more adventurous there is the Stirling Room.  It is a progressive and sophisticated lounge and bar for the young urban professional.  With weekly events this lounge is a great place to meet new people or connect with friends.  The décor is impressive with quartz counter tops and a baby grand piano that has been converted into a DJ booth.

Baby grand paino DJ booth

The Distillery District is extensive so I have only highlighted a few locations that I think stand out, but I want to know what in the Distillery District you enjoyed so please leave a comment in the section below.  These are just some of the restaurants and lounges in the Distillery there is also a number of event venues to be found at:


3 Rules on Surviving Valentine’s Day

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Another Valentine’s Day is here. Love is in the air. The streets smell like flowers. Your neighbours are getting three ft. tall teddy bears delivered to them… and you’re single.

Unfortunately on Valentine’s Day most events or parties are for couples, so where does that leave us singletons? We could take the oh-so familiar route of sitting on the couch, watching “The Notebook” , “Titanic” and “P.S I Love You”, while eating all of the contents of one’s fridge. Instead why not follow my three simple rules on how to survive Valentine’s Day, while avoiding the food-coma and cheesy romantic comedies.


Be Social. Nothing says “depressing single night” like spending the evening alone. That is why it is so important to grab some of your same-sex friends, and have a fun night out. As unwilling as you may be in the beginning, trust me, you will be glad you left the house (and your pity-party!). When you go out with your friends, you will be reminded of how you are not the only one who’s single on Valentine’s Day; the singles are actually the majority!  So go out, enjoy yourself! You’ll have so much fun you will forget it’s Valentine’s Day.


Treat Yourself. Valentine’s Day is one of the most expensive holidays of the year right after Christmas. The worst part is, couples are spending money on things that aren’t even useful! Flowers, candy, teddy bears, chocolate, cards and dinner can all add up. All together the average couple spends almost $200 for one day on things that won’t last you past the weekend! What I suggest, instead of spending hundreds of dollars on someone, treat yourself. Sorry Cupid, we’re going to be selfish this year and love it! Buy yourself a massage, facial, some new clothing or save it. Either way, you’ll have something to show for this candy-made holiday.


I am Beautiful. Although my first two tips are great for getting you out of the Valentine’s Day funk, essentially, you don’t need a man/woman to feel loved.  This holiday should not make you feel sad, alone or depressed because it is just a day. You should embrace the relationships you have with your friends, loved ones and family. Celebrate your love with them; buy your best friend a well-deserved rose, or a box of chocolates.  You do not need anyone to feel happy or better about yourself, because you are beautiful. If you find yourself feeling sad or alone, tell yourself at least ten times, with oomph, “I am beautiful”.

If all else fails, at least remember there is an even better holiday on Feb 15th. “Flag Day”.

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