CityEvents’ top choices of Toronto-based Festivals

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About two weeks ago, Travelocity published an article “Travelocity Presents Spring and Summer Festivals You Can’t Miss in North America”. They listed their top 10 festivals as chosen by the employees. All of the events are very unique, with rich cultural and heritage experiences. However, there are only 2 events hosted in Canada and none of them are in Toronto, which is such a shame because Toronto is an extremely multi cultural city. There are loads of exclusive festivals offering authentic experiences for both tourists and Torontonians.


Here are CityEvents’ top choices of Toronto-based Festivals that could have been in that list:

  •  TIFF

Toronto International Film Festival is the most successful public film festival in the world. This annual September event was founded in 1976 at the fabulous Windsor Arms Hotel. In 2007, Time magazine indicated that the festival had “grown from its place as the most influential fall film festival to the most influential film festival, period”. More and more celebrities attended TIFF every year, for example, George Clooney is a big fan of TIFF and he frequently visit Toronto and be part of TIFF since 2009. It’s a great opportunity for fans to have a peek at celebrities and get some latest gossip! Pre-parties, after-parties, and well, just about any kind of celebration happens during that time in September.

  •  NXNE – North by Northeast

Many music fans know that Toronto is having its very own “Seattle Moment”. Toronto now has its own music style and trends, just like when Seattle developed the world famous music and band – Nirvana. NXNE is an annual five-day live music, film and conference festival that is drawing larger and larger numbers into the city. It has become a Canadian festival destination for unsigned bands, indie favorites and major-label headlining artists alike.

  •  Taste of…

Not like Chicago, Toronto doesn’t have a big Taste of Toronto festival. But Toronto has been recognized as one of the most multi cultural cities in the world. In Toronto, we have various communities holding their own “Taste of…” Festivals. Across the city, communities are providing boutique and authentic culinary and cultural adventures for tourists and locals alike. Taste of Danforth is one of the most famous “Taste of…” events in Toronto. The ‘Danforth’ is a well-known Greek community on the east side of Toronto. You can find amazingly authentic souvlaki and anything pretty much related to Greece and Greek culture. You might be confused this is Toronto or Greece when you walk along Danforth, because people speak in Greek and even the street name signs are in Greek! Taste of South Asia, Taste of Little Italy and Taste of St. Clair are among some of the other amazing culinary festival this city has to offer.

Happy Bastille Day!!!

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On July 14 1789, Parisian revolutionaries and mutinous troops stormed and dismantled the Bastille, a royal fortress that had come to symbolise the tyranny of the Bourbon monarchs. This was the beginning of a new government.

Since 1880, July 14 has become National French Day, also called “QuatorzeJuillet” (The Fourteenth of July). This celebration happens every year in commemoration of the day when France, which was the monarchy, became the First Republic. This year the country celebrates the 222nd anniversary of the fall of the Bastille in Paris..

Bastille Day is a symbol of liberty and equality won by people for this day, French flags are displayed in every possible empty space.

In France, this is a national day of celebration and on this day people don’t work. The annual parade in the morning of July 14 is truly a patriotic event in France. In Paris in the morning there are a lot of parachute jumps, military bands and walking parades, and then the press interviews the President. The other cities feature a military parade with local troops. The National celebration ends with balls and fireworks throughout the country.

Parade in Paris:

On Bastille Day, the tradition of food is that every dish have to be cook with fresh local ingredient. Furthermore, people eat what poor peasants were eating in the past, like crepes, rice, bread, pasta, fish…

Two most famous dish on this day are:

Salmon en Croute

Salad nicoise

Then you can eat Lemon or apple or strawberry pie.

And of course all the meal have to be accompany by red or white wine and for dessert … champagne!


Even though this day is recognized as a French commemoration, people celebrate this day all around the world. So don’t hesitate to join French people in celebrating this day! Come with your friends and family and enjoy this some of the events in Toronto! Here are some events happening in Toronto for National French Day:

Levying French flag ceremony, and official reception
Date: July 14th
Time : 11:30 am
Location : in front of the City Hall of Toronto,

French Karaoke
Date: July 14th
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: Office Pub, 117 John Street
Tickets: 5$

French Picnic:
Date : July 14th
Time : 12:30 pm
Location : Budapest Park (Sunnyside)

Bon appetit! (dig in!), and Enjoy Bastille Day!!!

Liberty Social Hour “Carnival del Sol”

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Liberty Social Hour will be coming back this winter.

Date: TBD





The First Ignite Business Event Expo (iBE)

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 “Vibrant and forward-thinking conference and tradeshow to bring together planners and suppliers to shape the future of our industry”

On June 12-13, the CityEvents team was invited to participate in the inaugural Ignite Business Event Expo (iBE) that took place at the Direct Energy Centre in Toronto.

iBE is a new, vibrant and forward-thinking forum bringing global planners and suppliers together to conduct business. During the two days there were many interesting conferences about various different subjects, such as the benefits of Social Media made by National Speakers like DR Greg Wells, Olympic Superbodies host, Sonia Verma, Chief Correspondent for The Globe & Mail,  Craig and Marc Kielburger, Co-founders of We Day.

The event was a good opportunity to meet many professionals coming from Canada and all over the world! There were around 200 booths representing the event industry, and hotels and resorts from around the world, helping people find different options and locations for their upcoming events.

 The inaugural business events expo was a unique and stylish show that maximized exhibitor offerings while securing a worthwhile, experiential environment for those who attended. The CityEvents team enjoyed the atmosphere of this intimate show and were able to connect with other industry professionals

For more information about iBE go to :

This first iBE was a success; we cannot wait for the next iBE in 2013!!!

Escape to Artscape

Could Wychwood Barns, located at 601 Christie Street, be the venue for your next event? To answer that question it is important to know a few more details about the location itself.

Artscape Wychwood Barns is a community cultural hub where a dynamic mix of arts, culture, food security, urban agriculture, environmental and other community activities and initiatives come together to provide a new lease on life for a century-old former streetcar repair facility. This multi-faceted complex is home to: 26 artist live/work spaces, programming and administrative facilities for 14 not-for-profit organizations, indoor and outdoor growing areas, a community-run gallery and a 7,680 square foot Covered Street used for farmers and art markets, conferences and events that can fit up to 1000 people.

Since opening in November 2008, Artscape Wychwood Barns has become one of Toronto’s most unique event venues. The building’s soaring ceilings, exposed brick walls, abundant natural light and architectural detailing create a dramatic backdrop for fundraisers and gala events, meetings and conferences, weddings and celebrations, exhibitions and product launches, festivals and community events.

Next time you are in need of a venue location for a visual arts exhibition, performance or meeting check out Wychwood Barns.

For more information check out their website: