Interac & Winterlicious – Keep your Banking… and Tastebuds in the Black

On Wednesday, March 16, Toronto dined in black with Interac’s exclusive Dinner in Black.  The dark soiree was held at BrainStation and Quantum Coffee in the heart of Toronto’s downtown core on King West.

The special all black menu was crafted and curated by one of Toronto’s coveted chef teams; Parts & Labour Catering.  Our Deb Lewis was thrilled to assist Vision Experiential Marketing in the logistical planning of the Dinner in Black sponsored by Interac and designed by Zulu.

This exclusive dining experience was an invite only event. Attendees of the event were selected at random from a pool of participant who paid with Interac during the 2016 Winterlicious season as well as a few of Toronto’s well known food bloggers.

Interac is the presenting sponsor of Winterlicious for its third consecutive year. Winterlicious offers unique, three course prix fixe lunch and dinner menus served at more than 200 of Toronto’s top restaurants. In the years since the program’s’ inception, participating restaurants have served 4.9 million meals during the promotion which have generated more than $215 million in economic activity for the local restaurant industry.


Guests kicked off their night with specialty crafted cocktails and canapés to fit the black dinner theme. Chantelle Gabino, a mixologist from Parts & Labour was onsight putting a dark twist on your favourite drinks. The cocktail featured was the El Diablo, a dark drink made from tequila and ginger beer topped off with a splash of crème de cassis and garnished with a lime a floral ensemble.


Following cocktail hour, guests enjoyed a five-course meal that was carefully selected to fit and compliment the Dinner in Black theme. Michael from Parts & Labour explained each course in full detail with a wine pairing for each item on the menu.


Some highlight courses of the night was the beet tartare and the devil’s food cake topped with a blackberry coulis. “They told me that it was beets I was eating, and was stunned,” said one of the guests, ”Absolutely amazing!”

As the night started to wind down guest left with a complimentary gift card to Quantum coffee and two exclusive Dinner in Black prints.

Interac, be in the black.


If you didn’t have a chance to take part in Winterlicious this year, be sure to check out Summerlicious from July 8 – 2, 2016.

For more information on Summerlicous, follow the link:


For more information on Interac, BrainStation, Quantum, and Parts & Labour, please visit the sites below:

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