How to market your event and create buzz with Google +

If you have been following our series of how to market and create the buzz on social media, here is our new video!

This time we are telling you how to promote your event through Google +: a social media which plays a major role in Search Engine Optimization by making it easier for marketers to show up in search results. Despite its late start, Google + is one of the largest social network and is definitely to include into your marketing strategy.

Here are some highlights of the video:

  • Join communities: They are the best way to promote your event. This is a place to meet and engage with people on topics you’re interested in. You can join communities related to any business or topic you want and they often have different categories so it allows you to target the right audience. If you cannot find a community related to your content, you can create you own.
  • Include keywords and hashtags: Keywords are essential on Google + whether it is in your company description, personal profile or your posts. Make sure that they are SEO friendly and to include hashtags in all your posts. They will increase your visibility on google search so they are very important for your event promotion.
  • Create your event: Like on Facebook, you can create your own event and invite all the persons in your circles. You can give all the details related to your event such as the date, the location, etc. People that you invited can let you know if they will be attending or not. This is also a great way to communicate any extra details, or answering questions of the attendees.
  • Engage: There is no secret to buzz on social media, you have to engage with people and not simply post your content. This means that you have to join communities, comment and like others posts, but also share content from others that you find interesting. Google + is the best place where you can interact with people that could be interested in your events.

Watch our video below for more complete information and tips

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