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On Thursday April 27th, 2017, the Toronto Chapter of  The Organization of Canadian Women in Public Relations (Women in PR Canada) was officially launched. To introduce the organization to Toronto, there was an exclusive event held at the Sony Centre of Performing Arts with speeches from industry leaders addressing the question ‘What’s Next for Women in Canada’s PR Industry?’.


The evening was moderated by Vanessa Morcom, Owner and Publicist, Morcom Media; PR Leas, ME to WE and Speakers included: Christine Faulhaber, President & CEO, Faulhaber Communications;  Chitra Aanand, Doctoral REsearcher and Professor; Scott Evens, General Manager, Edelman Toronto; Daniela Kelloway, Founder and CEO, ClutchPR; and Bunmi Adeoye, Vice-President, NKPR Inc.

Over the course of the evening we were reminded by Faulhaber that we need transparency, interns need more information and opportunity to shine and feel the chance to ‘manage up’ instead of being asked. She spoke of how risk taking never stop in the PR industry and we should take those risks to grow and share. “Fostering a community of collaboration versus competition is so important and often overlooked in our industry.”

Chitra Aanand spoke to the issues of quality and how woman must become leaders in business. She spoke powerfully about how we each must find out narrative, our own unique power and to figure out the messages we send to ourselves and no never lose those things in the ace of adversity. Aanand said, “Women dominate the PR industry; we are in a very opportunistic place in this industry.  What is most important for women in any industry is to be bold, be provocative in your thinking, take risks and surround yourself with people that believe in our vision”.

One of the few males of the evening, Scott Evans, let us know that the issues at hand are recognize, that women do have male counterparts willing and ready to see and help the change happen. He also reminded us that not everyone has the same goals, we are as unique in our goals are we are on our paths to those goals. He said, “We are all responsible for talking openly and creatively about how we can continue to push for environments where women can lead and succeed.”

Daniella Kalloway took the stage, full of life, to let us know that in the future of the PR industry, we are going to have to go back to our root. I stark reminder of the technological advances being made in our lifetime will vastly change how we head forward. Bring back the human element, connect with each other, face-to-face, collaborate and share ideas, this is how we will protect the women and industry. “To be part of an industry full of inspiring entrepreneurs and professionals is a hugely rewarding experience and I feel a duty to support and mentor other women in our field. If we support each other we will all rise together.”

The last speaker came out strong and a message of the present issues, PR in a Time of Protest. Bunmi Adeoye told of her observations on the current global situation, how we need to really open our eyes and ears to what is happening because if not, missing the mark will happen. To achieve this , we must be will to learn to grow personally and to set examples and be inspiration for others. The more we know and open ourselves to, the more we can be supportive, empathetic in chaotic times.“Every time, a person has an opportunity to see a capable, competent, hardworking and inspiring leader, it’s a chance for others to envision a future where they can guide others in their own unique way with their own unique gifts.”

Canadian Women in PR was developed for women (and men!) to share ideas, contacts, experiences and advocacy. “One of our main goals when forming this organization was to provide a place for women to thrive earlier in their careers and to strengthen the capabilities of established leaders in the PR industry,” said Talia Beckett Davis, Chairwoman and President, Woman in PR Canada.


Women in PR Canada is the only organization in the country theat is dedicated to advancing women in the PR field. On the website, http://womeninpr.ca, you can find all kind of amazing and inspiring information, sign up to become a member and get access to job listings, online courses,  networking events and more.

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