Spring is in the Air – With Lenzr Photo Challenges

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New Lenzr Photo Contests – April – May 2011

Don’t let the power of photography fool you.  It’s a great form of expression and a useful story telling tool. The ability for the viewers to see through the eyes of others and gain different perspectives. Well, spring is a time of growth and renewal.  It’s a perfect chance for people to try something new or continue to do what they do best and try to improve their quality of life. Lenzr has four new photo contests that will promote a challenge for the eye of the photographer and offer valuable prizes.

Weather the Storm Contest

The Weather the Storm photo contest is about changes in the atmosphere.   The environmental storm that we encounter everywhere on this planet from time to time.  Lenzr is asking for photographers to capture these stormy weather conditions with your camera. Use your fast shutter speed to get a quick click of the lightening strike. Think of the emotions conveyed with severe gusty winds.   I know we experienced some heavy spring rainfalls recently along with hail storms.  The judges decision for the best photo is going to receive an amazing new Sony digital camera with a 16.1 megapixel, and sweep panorama mode.  It has lots of other functions as well.  The commercial roofing company who takes pleasure in photography is sponsoring this photo contest.

Best Cottage Moments

I think of those amazing sounds of the loons on the lake with the Best Cottage Moments photo contest. I have images in my head of slowing down and rejuvenating.  Many people travel along busy highways to get to their cottage destinations.  Well, capture the reason for these long journeys. Grandpa sitting in his muskoka chair on the dock admiring the sunset would be another great moment to capture. Water sports are definitely a part of cottage life. The Sony Cyber-shot H70 digital camera is given as the prize for the  the best picture with support from an amazing Muskoka Cottage.

Shiny Metal Surfaces is another Lenzr photo contest worth exploring your photography skills further. The ordinary metal we see every day can look so different if given the attention it deserves with the right lighting and angle. Capture the idea that metal is more than just functional and is ambiguous. Use images of cutlery, chains, locks and handles in imaginative ways. A Sony Cyber-shot that has many great functions, including a 10 x optical zoom lens and HD movie mode is the prize. The people who are known for their metal panels has helped provide this prize.

What’s in the Fridge

What’s In Your Fridge contest is asking your to think outside of the box literally.  It’s a unique photo challenge involving the fridge in your home.   Give your hard working fridge some attention with the camera that it deserves. Don’t worry and just let your creative side show.  Negotiate with your fridge which are the best subjects inside to capture. Explore with the lighting and different perspectives.   Use your imagination when opening the fridge with your camera. Look at it like your have for the first time.  Capture objects in your fridge that would be great compositions such as your mustard and ketchup snuggled together.  The decision for the best photo will be made by the judges and the winner will receive 500 dollars worth of groceries thanks to the sponsors who share printable coupons and sharing deals online in your favourite places.

We all need change and growth in our lives from time to time.  Thanks to Lenzr we have some new photography potentials. The photo objectives have deadlines for May 25, 2011. Make some plans with your camera and implement them with your camera. Submissions have already started and are free and easy.

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