3 Rules on Surviving Valentine’s Day

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Another Valentine’s Day is here. Love is in the air. The streets smell like flowers. Your neighbours are getting three ft. tall teddy bears delivered to them… and you’re single.

Unfortunately on Valentine’s Day most events or parties are for couples, so where does that leave us singletons? We could take the oh-so familiar route of sitting on the couch, watching “The Notebook” , “Titanic” and “P.S I Love You”, while eating all of the contents of one’s fridge. Instead why not follow my three simple rules on how to survive Valentine’s Day, while avoiding the food-coma and cheesy romantic comedies.


Be Social. Nothing says “depressing single night” like spending the evening alone. That is why it is so important to grab some of your same-sex friends, and have a fun night out. As unwilling as you may be in the beginning, trust me, you will be glad you left the house (and your pity-party!). When you go out with your friends, you will be reminded of how you are not the only one who’s single on Valentine’s Day; the singles are actually the majority!  So go out, enjoy yourself! You’ll have so much fun you will forget it’s Valentine’s Day.


Treat Yourself. Valentine’s Day is one of the most expensive holidays of the year right after Christmas. The worst part is, couples are spending money on things that aren’t even useful! Flowers, candy, teddy bears, chocolate, cards and dinner can all add up. All together the average couple spends almost $200 for one day on things that won’t last you past the weekend! What I suggest, instead of spending hundreds of dollars on someone, treat yourself. Sorry Cupid, we’re going to be selfish this year and love it! Buy yourself a massage, facial, some new clothing or save it. Either way, you’ll have something to show for this candy-made holiday.


I am Beautiful. Although my first two tips are great for getting you out of the Valentine’s Day funk, essentially, you don’t need a man/woman to feel loved.  This holiday should not make you feel sad, alone or depressed because it is just a day. You should embrace the relationships you have with your friends, loved ones and family. Celebrate your love with them; buy your best friend a well-deserved rose, or a box of chocolates.  You do not need anyone to feel happy or better about yourself, because you are beautiful. If you find yourself feeling sad or alone, tell yourself at least ten times, with oomph, “I am beautiful”.

If all else fails, at least remember there is an even better holiday on Feb 15th. “Flag Day”.

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6 Responses to “3 Rules on Surviving Valentine’s Day”
  1. Harriet says:

    hahah! this cheered me up, I was feeling crap about today. Thanks!

  2. Karen says:

    Love it!

  3. Tavi Mashall says:

    happy flag day!!!

  4. Harris says:

    long live singles awareness day

  5. James says:

    Tell my girlfriend that its just a day

  6. deblewis says:

    No one should feel that way! Especially on Valentine’s Day.

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