Rooftop Rendezvous: Temptation Accomplished

On Thursday 15th, The Rooftop rendezvous was THE rendezvous not to miss! Indeed, The CUBE nightclub hosted more than 400 guests from CityEvents and Shanny in the City for the Rooftop rendezvous!

The night was an opportunity to taste a new cider: Tempt Cider, with strawberry and lime flavors, but also to enjoy the presence of artists and an incredible view on the city and the CN Tower.

The CUBE nightclub brings you into a parallel world. From the entrance you leave the city and its buildings to enter in a small corridor looking like the path to a secret garden, to be finally guided to a rooftop patio, a true bubble inside the city.  CUBE Nightclub is a new Toronto event venue used by a variety of groups.

This night was subject to all temptations, from the sweet & fruity cider offer by two masked ladies, to the electrifying music and the lights of the city. Hard not to be entranced by the atmosphere! But, more than temptation, it was also an excellent moment of schmoozing and networking in a pleasant place, and the occasion to get a painting portrait from the artists presents all night.

From this incredible night, we only have retained one thing: temptation accomplished! #gettempted.

Photos can be found at:

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