“We were thrilled to have Deb Lewis as a member of our Executive Committee for Operanation IV and V, as her wealth of knowledge regarding how to create a successful event was instrumental in our planning. She was key at driving sales both personally and through the use of the CityEvents website. We greatly benefited both from the high-traffic of the website and Deb’s own social contacts.”
Sarah Jarvis, Special Events Manager, Canadian Opera Company

“Thank you very much for managing the reception at the 5th Rolling Rampage at Queens Park. Food and Services provided under your leadership were excellent. Our team was totally satisfied with CityEvents and intend to use them again for future events.”

– Honourable Vim Kochhar, Chair, Canadian Foundation of Physically Disabled

“ I have had the pleasure of working with Deborah over the past 8 years in a wide variety of situations, including the Board of Trade, I.E Canada, The British Chamber of Trade and Commerce. In all these occasions she has proved herself versatile, creative, hard working, totally committed to the project, with a very positive attitude. I would highly recommend her to potential clients.”

Norman Morris, Director, Strategic Alliances, Canadian Business Magazine.

“Deborah has assisted our group Intriciti a number of times to plan different events. We were so lucky to have someone this knowledgeable working with us on special events.”
Diane Craig, Image and Etiquette expert, Corporate Class Inc.

“Deb organized a gala Christmas lunch for the British Canadian Chamber of Trade. Everything went flawlessly and our 350 guests were very happy with the event. Deb led our team of volunteers, negotiated with the hotel and all the suppliers, while demonstrating an outstanding level of knowledge and skill. I would have no hesitation recommending Deb and plan to hire her again when the opportunity arises.”
- David Kingsland P. Eng, President at The Newland Group, President at British Canadian Chamber of Trade & Commerce

“Deborah is a real professional. She worked for me at the Toronto Board of Trade and organized the most successful Annual Dinners ever held by the Board. With 2000 guests in attendance, Deborah always handled the details with ease. And she handled smaller events with equal ease. In fact, regardless of the size and scope of the event, Deborah’s creativity, attention to detail and calm nature are hallmarks of her work. Because of her solid experience and reliability, I’ve also hired her company– CityEvents– for other projects.”
John Ecker, Director, Public Affairs & Community Engagement at Echo: Improving Women’s Health in Ontario

“After working with Deborah Lewis of CityEvents to execute three seminars, I feel extraordinarily qualified to reference her abilities as an event planner, and event marketer. Not once did I have cause to question her ability or experience; it’s obvious. She’s a wealth of knowledge and has excellent people skills. She listens more than she speaks, and she smiles more than she frowns. Deborah Lewis is a tireless planner with a knack for details. She always keeps her cool when others (like me) are losing theirs, something worth the cost of gold when you are onsite at an event. CityEvents was able to use their network to fill the room each time we held the seminar, which resulted in multiple new clients for SMOJoe.”

Rob Campbell, Innovator of SMOJoe Marketing


Liberty Social Hour Testimonials

“Having a community social event every few months really helps Liberty Village feel a lot more close knit. (It is) A lot of fun, and gives us a better understanding of what is going on through the community.
-Melony Holt, Instaclick

“It is wonderful. It really has great connections. Deb has a real diverse group for me to bounce new ideas off of.

“Great location,  with a real media vibe to it. Well organized as only Deb’s events can be.
-Lasana Barrow

“Wonderful event and very nice people.
-Bilal Ahmed, Edison Corporation

“(I) Had a fabulous time. (It was an) Excellent opportunity to connect and get to know people in an upcoming trendy area.
-Imani Murrel, Canadian Tire