How To Market Your Event And Create Buzz With Instagram

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If you have been following our series of how to market and create the buzz on social media, here is our new video!

Everyone uses Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to advertise and market events, but why not try something new? Instagram. This social media platform is often under-used but most effective when it comes to promoting your event, building your brand identity and gaining a stronger following for your company. It is building in momentum and is a must have.

As Instagram is all visual, photos are always a great way to provide a visual to your event. An Instagram photo diary is a wonderful way to promote your events to your target market and audience. Instagram live is also popular.


Top Tips On Instagram:


  • Get Posting: Just like other social media platforms, the key to be successful on Instagram is being active. This means taking lots of pictures or videos and posting them for your followers to see. Consider setting a posting schedule and stay on top of that, whether it’s five times a day or five times a week. Study your past posts to see when they got the most audience engagement.
  • Create a Story: Let your followers and audience in on the details of the event.  You want to make them feel involved in the event right from the beginning. For timing it is important to create excitement before tickets are on sale. You can do this by making your posts tell a story, updating them regularly and let them in on the planning and preparation right through to after the event. Having regular updates will make people look forward to the next update and keep them wanting more!
  • Hashtags: Create an easy to remember, short relevant Hashtag. Ensure the hashtag  you create is on tickets, website, signs, email reminders, facebook event/posts and in your tweets. This hashtag allows you to search who else is talking about your event. Tag all of your posts with it, and encourage attendees to do the same.


Watch our video below for more complete information and tips on how to market your event and create the buzz on social media.

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