Liberty Social Hour: Carnival del Sol

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On Wednesday April 18, 2012, CityEvents, RPC Group and Bar Vespa collaborated to welcome many Torontonians for this month’s Liberty Social Hour.  Taking place in the heart of Liberty Village, this season’s social hour was themed as a celebration of spring.  Local residents of the village, as well as others from around Toronto were pleased with the opportunity to socialize and get to know what this new neighbourhood is all about.  When the evening began, the sun was shining and the drinks were flowing.  Bar Vespa, the host restaurant, was filled within a few short moments, and was ready to encourage the crowd to mingle.

As the night led on, the amount of people in attendance picked up, and so did the conversation.  It was clear that many of the guests had different reasons for attending Liberty Social Hour.  Some were there just to meet up with a friend, others were curious to see what the hype was all about.  Each guest had heard the buzz about the social hour in different ways.  For some, it was hearing through past attendees, others through social media, and for a small handful, they were persuaded by the many posters surrounding the Liberty Village area.

Overall the environment was very friendly and outgoing. The same guest that stayed for 30 minutes was just as satisfied as the guest that stayed for four hours.  Whether the guest was there to have a drink with old friends, or a stranger to the community, everyone felt welcomed and walked away having had a great interaction with another.  As guests made their way out of Bar Vespa, they were surprised with a gift bag filled with exciting new products and deals from within Liberty Village and the surrounding area.   As well, they received a special treat contributed by Bar Vespa.

Liberty Social Hour is an event meant to bring social interaction to many types of Toronto individuals.  It allows one to learn more about what Liberty Village has to offer, as well as the type of people who fill it.  Make sure to keep an ear out for the next Liberty Social Hour coming up in a few short months.  Be a part of the growing neighbourhood of Liberty Village, and have the chance to be a part of the excitement.


Liberty Social Hour at Williams Landing – A Huge Success!

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Liberty Social Hour: Noche Caliente brought the heat in January!After the success of our Noche Caliente at Locus 144, Liberty Social Hour started the New Year with a bang at William’s Landing in Liberty Village.

Located just minutes away from the chaotic streets of the downtown core, Liberty Village is an emerging community just west of downtown Toronto. The stomping ground for many artists and new local business establishments, Liberty Village is the new creative hub of Toronto; projecting all that is artistic, urban, and chic.

The Liberty Social Hour gave local residents and businesses a chance to experience the potential of Liberty Village at a chic and urban venue while interacting with their community. It was the perfect opportunity to create valuable relationships while exchanging and sharing ideas and opinions concerning the life and work in Liberty Village. Williams Landing is one of the many beautiful venues that Liberty Village has to offer. You can’t help but to become engaged in your community!

Winters may be cold but we brought the heat to Liberty Village: Noche Caliente.

Location: William’s Landing, 120 Lynn Willams St.

Everyone enjoyed themselves and made valuable relationships, while experiencing their community.
Food and Drink Specials at LSH-Williams Landing!
5$ Amsterdam Beer, 416 Draft, and Big Wheel Beer
25% off all Food
Free special Liberty Social cocktails were given to the first 75 guests!
PLUS 10$ Giftcards for everyone who attended!!

Liberty Social Hour: Noche Caliente
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