How To Market Your Event And Create Buzz With Twitter

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If you have been following our series of how to market and create the buzz on social media, here is our new video!

This marketing video outlines how to prepare effective techniques to market your events on Twitter.  Because posts on twitter are only 140 characters, your tweets have to be creative and engaging. It’s better to tweet something short and eye catching and include a link that people can click for more information.

Top Tips On Twitter:  


  • Text/Quick Stories/ Bytes: Different people are interested in different things, write tweets about all aspects of the event and don’t forget to mention sponsors, ambassadors. One text byte explains charity or the cause or explains official message, while another is all about the talent, celebrities or DJ, and another could perhaps showcase the venue or the food, or signature drinks etc.
  • Photos and Videos: Photos show up well on twitter, so similar to facebook, tweet and post photos so followers can get a visual of the event. You can also create promotional videos about your event to post on various sites online.  This can be done using a slideshow of photos related to your event, any related footage you have access to, link to music and add text with your main event details or can try Vine that is integrated into twitter recently.
  • Twitter contest: Setting up a twitter contest is a perfect way to increase your reach and have your followers engage or retweet.  The most common is a Retweet to win, another way is to ask ppl to mention a hashtag and account name (@Mention)  These can also be held onsite at the events to increase engagement by attendees.
  • Hashtags: Create an easy to remember, short relevant Hashtag. Ensure the hashtag  you create is on tickets, website, signs, email reminders, facebook event/posts and in your tweets. Hashtags will make it easier to find any tweet related to the event and can also be very useful if you have a social media wall during your event.


Watch our video below for more complete information and tips on how to market your event and create the buzz on social media.

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