How to market your event and create the buzz with Youtube

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If you have been following our series of how to market and create the buzz on social media, here is our new video!

This time we are telling you how to promote your event through Youtube: the number 1 video-sharing website used by millions of users. Youtube is a great tool to promote your events as it is free, easy to use and can increase your exposure on the web. The more popular your videos are, the more visibility you will get. In this video, we are explaining you how to use Youtube and how to create an interesting, as well as tips on how to create the buzz and to promote your event efficiently.


Here are some highlights of the video:


  • Use a catchy title and focus on the description: before posting your video, make sure to use a title that will drag the attention of your viewers, but also a good description of the content of your video. Keywords are everything on youtube as they will help you be more findable. Make sure to use specific keywords on the description and to use any other related keywords in the tags field.


  • Create good videos: Creating a good content is essential to create the buzz and attract more viewers. Make sure you are prepared for the filming of your video by choosing a specific location, having a script ready to structure your video.


  • Create the buzz: many companies use Youtube to promote their company, so it is essential to stand out from the crowd. Creating an original content will help you create the buzz and attract viewers. Also, it is essential to increase your brand awareness so add your logo and colours to your videos so people will recognize you more easily.

In order to create the buzz, make sure to make your audience the star of your video. You can interview the attendees of your event or create a vlog to show the organization of the event.


Watch our video below for more complete information and tips



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