Search and Social Rank Symposium 5 – a night of ideas!

Please join us for an evening presentation that is quite unlike any other event you will attend this fall.  In this dinner party, alcohol infused symposium, five different web marketing wizards are set to show-and-tell some sharp new ideas in search engine optimization and social media marketing, and… it all promises to be rather fun.  These guys are practacle jokers and this could be the best way to learn new cyber skills to help your website gain more traffic and recognition.  Come hungry, and prepare to laugh and learn as you feed your brain.

Its a fact that Google’s search algorithm is not published anywhere – its top secret.  Business owners and website designers can’t go look up the details anywhere to learn what the most important ranking factors are today…   Even the most exalted experts can only relate what they believe is true, and Search Engine Optimization SEO is always changing.  This craft is not taught in school – it must be learned on the job.

Social Media Marketing SMM on the other hand, is a more artful discipline that traffics in the generosity of friends and complex group dynamics.  But this artform is also very important part of is evolving fast and equally important as it drives consumer behavior… So what happens when you fuse SEO and SMM together?

Search and Social Rank Symposium Number Five celebrates the art and science of optimizing websites to be found first on Google for popular search queries.

The Event Speakers are four different artists and scientists who live and work at the intersection of Search Engine Optimization SEO and Social Media Marketing SMM.  These SMM experts will share their own true stories, tips and tactics for manufacturing findability.

When: Tuesday October 15th 2013 – 6pm to 9:30pm

Where: The Boiler House Loft in The Distillery District, 18 Tankhouse Lane, Toronto, Ontario

Tickets: SOLD OUT!

Moderated by Rob Campbell of Smojoe, Search and Social Rank Symposium Five stars Brian Rotsztein, Jennifer Balogh and Geoff Whitlock.

business storyteller, seo, rob campbell, contest journalism,Rob Campbell will Moderate, and discuss Memeweaving.  Campbell is a renown content marketing for SEO blogger and personality in Toronto who is known for using weird tactics to help clients gain page one rankings.  Rob will start and end the night’s discussions and set Speakers on a course to  explore the tools, tips and tactics found at the intersection of SEO and SMM.

Rob will discuss his latest ebook, Contest Journalism and how to do get a huge SEO lift using web contests, as a contest expert in a fifteen minute presentation entitled, “How to use web contests to rank 1st on Google!”   Rob’s presentation is funny and interesting – he uses real life examples to show how simple matches have helped sponsors build brand recognition on social networks, and rank #1 for common search terms on Google.

Jennifer Balogh, email marketing Jennifer Balogh is an email marketing wizard, and Senior Director, Account Management and Strategy at Vigorate Digital Solutions. She’ll speak on “Email Marketing in a Social World” which is set to explain, humourously or otherwise, why your company’s marketing department should still be using digital marketers and not falling for all this social media baloney. No actually, that’s probably not what she’s going to be talking about. but rather more like  how social media has impacted and improved email marketing systems.  In her eight years on the job, Jennifer has seen email marketing grow in many directions, and yet her vast experience is packed full of secrets and advanced solutions ; when you see the way she does her email newsletters it might change how you execute your next campaign.

eco friendly blog, Nikki FotheringhamNikki Fotheringham writes a popular eco friendly blog Green Moxie and is set to share “Five Secrets To Brand Storytelling”.  Nikki Fotheringham, by being personable and using her God given natural social media marketing super powers, has built quite a following of readers and fans on Facebook and Twitter.  The reason why is simple – she creates high quality content and is an advanced internet storytelling. Nikki is going to take fifteen minutes and present five slides to show us how she grew her little blog into a widely read (green) monster.

Brian Rotsztein is the travel weary President of the Canadian Internet Marketing Association, and CEO of Uniseo Montreal SEO & Internet Marketing Agency serving English and French speaking Quebec as well as a popular blogger at Purposive.  Brian has been engaged in web marketing since 1997.  He has authored the books “SEO for 2012”, and “Content Marketing Ideas: 200+ Tips for Your SEO and Social Media Strategy” which are available at  Brian will be speaking about “How to Use Web Videos to Increase Ranking and Conversions”.  Mr. Rotsztein frequently speaks at large conferences like WordCamp, PodCamp, Social Media Breakfast, and others across Canada and the US.

content marketing agency secretsGeoff Whitlock, CEO of Content Marketing Agency will show a couple of amazing little videos and talk around them – hewill discuss the “Inter dimensional relationship between Paid Media, Owned Media and Earned Media” and share real life examples of how he delivers value to brands by executing or erecting creative scaffolding that become story filled monuments to his three different approaches to digital marketing.  Geoff will share his POEMS, Paid, Earned and Owned Media on the Web.

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Create Buzz for Events in Toronto

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How to Market an Event

Planning events in Toronto isn’t easy, type the words: Event Toronto into google and you are instantly bombarded with thousands of promotions and invitations. With the advent of Facebook just about anyone can arrange an invitation to an event. But how does one make their event stand out? How do you influence a crowd to attend and keep them coming back for more? You create buzz!

Last night young professionals from across the GTA gathered to learn valuable tips, simple tricks and advanced tactics for marketing their events in Toronto. Attendees heard from Deb Lewis, CEO of CityEvents and Rob Campbell, Prime Innovator of Smojoe about best practices used by professionals and a myriad of free social media resources to create buzz and build social capital at the same time.

The seminar covered a step-by-step process that guided participants on how they should market their events or fundraisers. Atendees learned how to ‘put it out there’ and develop a communications strategy and agenda to target and achieve event objectives. The experience came complete with a handy booklet titled “ How to Market an Event in Toronto” on which to notate revelations.

There are numerous ways to promote, market and get the word out for events. Here is a glimpse of what they learned:

To begin create a promotional tool kit with event descriptions, photos, event images, links, and other relevant information or visuals. You need to create excitement around your event, the more often people see and hear about it the more interested they become. This also increases the credibility of your event. Get your target market excited about your event so they rush to sign up or buy tickets.The basis of promoting and marketing events is mainly determined by the details you decide to share and disclose with the target market.

Things to think about:

Who is your potential audience?

What is the value of your event for the attendee?

How can you communicate this to your potential audience?

Details of your Event ?Event Information:

Who? What? When? Where?

Tips to Developing Content:

When creating compelling content, images, photos and event descriptions, think about the value of your event or the “hooks” that will compel people to attend. Attendees want to know their value for attending your event. This is more relevant when people are investing in a ticket. It is important to promote what will be included in the ticket price. Create a compelling Unique Selling Proposition. Ensure you inject excitement into your event descriptions, make it sound intriguing and exciting to your target market. Focus on your targets needs, wants and desires. ??When you are developing your event description or “event story” consider these hooks to entice your target market. Create a series of hooks you can utilize in multiple promotional channels. ??Why do people care about your event? ?What are their motivations? ?What’s a unique offer? ?Are their key celebrities attending?

These are some the basic strategies needed to be successful in the event marketing field.

Want to Know More ?

If you are looking for more information in this area you can purchase a more detailed booklet “How to Create Buzz around your event

With some basic knowledge, innovation, creative thinking, and the right partnership, anybody and everybody can and will master the ins and outs to event marketing. The How to Market and Create Buzz for Events manual available online is a perfect guide and a definite help to anybody who is starting out in the event marketing field. Also to those who need a little guidance while promoting and implementing various marketing strategies for events. Determining an area for promoting your events and websites IS creating your own community feeling! For assistance in this area contact us at