The most effective way to market your business online? It was debated and answered at Search and Social Rank Symposium

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Search and Social Rank Symposium made a huge splash in marketing at the Boiler House on April 16th !

Due to the public’s insatiable curiosity for more insight into the weird science at the intersection of social media marketing and search engine optimization, there was a third Search and Social Rank Symposium held at The Boiler House restaurant on Monday, April 16th, in the Distillery District of Toronto. Presentations and discussions illustrated the intricacies of social media marketing, while featuring expert guest speakers Rob Campbell, Alex Blom and Brad Gosse.

Search and Social Rank Symposium created the perfect opportunity to build valuable relationships with business professionals, while guests learned the necessary skills to market your business online like a pro!

The event featured presentations by leading industry professionals, followed by a question and answer session, and networking opportunities. Attendees learned the elements of good business storytelling, social media marketing, SEO and how to run a successful business online. Guests can now use the tools they learned to develop their professional edge from the presentations at Search and Social Rank Symposium!

Rob Campbell and Brad Gosse take two totally different approaches to online advertising, and disagree on storytelling structures, and how to use Google search in web marketing. Their presentations should stand in sharp contrast. Alex Blom, who speaks first, has always been a creative thinker with clever ideas about clouds and conversion metrics.

Highlights included:

Search engine optimization
Social media marketing
Audience Penetration and Reach

Speakers included:

Rob Campbell, Principal, Lenzr

Rob Campbell Principal at Lenzr Canada’s largest serial photo contest website. Prior to Lenzr Rob was a Social Marketer at LifeCapture Interactive and a writer and producer at Threshold Media Productions. As the Prime Innovator at Lenzr Corp, Rob Campbell is also the director of the Page One Program, which uses Lenzr photo contests and other attractions to build high quality ‘social capital’ closely aligned to client website’s value proposition.




Alex Blom, CEO, SalesChoice

Australian born Alex Blom is the CEO of SalesChoice a sales management company providing detailed analytics and minimizes data entry. Prior, Alex was CTO and Partner at Helix. His achievements include Helix and selling startup, co-organizing Freelance Camp TO and being awarded Young Citizen of the Year. Alex troubleshooted retail conglomerates, ran marketing / sales organizations, created music festivals and co-founded not for profits.



Brad Gosse, Founder, Yourbrain Media Inc.

Brad Gosse is a consultant and Founder of Yourbrain Media Inc. Brad Gosse is an expert on such topics as search engine optimization (SEO), product creation and website monetization. Yourbrain Media Inc. is a Canadian online publishing and advertising company. Brad teaches comprehensive SEO courses that integrate social media and sales psychology. His specialties include social media, SEO, video branding, business development, personal branding, Internet marketing, software development and advertising. Brad started building websites for other people in 1996 and before creating his own sites with revenue models built in. Brad is the owner of several online and offline businesses along with commercial real estate.


Ticket included delicious food from the esteemed chefs at Archeo, with cash bar.

Where: Archeo Trattoria, 55 Mill Street, The Distillery

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Search and Social Rank Symposium

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Search and Social Rank Symposium -It was a night of ideas!

It was an evening of presentations and discussions on the latest trends in search and social media. This exclusive event showcased weird science, at the intersection of search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing.

The topics of discussion were:

  •     Business storytelling
  •     The significance of PageRank
  •     Personal branding
  •     Local search
  •     Top 10 critical things to know

Speakers included:
Geoff Whitlock, Click Clip Deals
Craig Backman, McLellan Group Integrated Communications
Joey DeVilla,
Alex Blom, CEO & Co-Founder of SalesChoice
Benjamin Allison, Jib Strategic Inc.

Archeo was the perfect venue for our presentations and discussions. Only a bus ride away from down-town Toronto, It provided a chic and warm ambiance, with food to satisfy everyone’s taste-buds!
But if you missed out the first time, do not worry. Search and Social Rank Symposium was such a success, there will be another one! When and where you ask? Stay tuned on, or follow CityEvents on Twitter, and find out where the next Search and Social Rank Symposium will be!

To see pictures of the event, discussions, venue and speakers go to
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Presented by: CityEvents
Hosts: Lenzr & Jib
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Best SEO in TO

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Best SEO in TO? Who is the best?

CityEvents conducts the search for the best SEO company in Toronto. Watch and learn valuable secrets and professional search engine optimization tactics as five self proclaimed SEO experts will be interviewed by the audience to find out “why they THINK they are the best”.

This totally interactive event (the audience picks the winner) will set the stage for the city’s best SEO firms to present a …compelling value proposition and showcase their offerings alongside their competitors – indeed its their challenge to help the audience make sense of their murky world.

SEO experts will pitch CityEvents and take questions from the audience to prove they can optimize keyword targets using basic and advanced search engine optimization tactics. Will they give up any secrets? The rules are always changing in this game and fortunes are won and lost on keyword rankings – this process will confirm the importance of an effective SEO practitioner. It might even glimpse the dark side of SEO, the ‘black hat’ tactics that could make a business rich overnight, or get their site ‘delisted’ just as fast.

At the conclusion of this event the audience will vote and decide who they think is the best SEO firm in TO. That’s the firm CityEvents will hire and resell their services to all their event clients. Networking afterward allows guests to mingle and share more stories and secrets to help each other better understand how to improve their own websites, and ecommerce pages.


Paul Coulter:

Will Webb:

Ezra Silverton:

Roman Zelvenschi:

Mike Cloke:

Master of Ceremonies: Rob Campbell, SMOJoe Social Media Marketing,,, with help from Alexander Blom:,

Other notable guests include Geoff Whitlock and Stephen Crooks of Wills & co Media

When: Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Where: The Spoke Club, 600 King Street West

Tickets are $25 or $40 at the door.

For more info: or www.deble

Here are some photos of the event: