Lenzr Adds New Photo Contests to the mix

August 12, 2011 by  
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It’s time for another Lenzr contest cycle. This round is a great opportunitiy for all  professional photographers out there. This contests always aim to inspire people to think outside the box, but this round speaks to the months of summer and professionals.

A Manufacturing Process:

The first contest is called A Manufacturing Process. Lenzr was approached by a software company for help finding images for the process manufacturing and lean manufacturing pages. The winners of this contest will receive a 3 year licensing agreement for photo use (not exclusive) and $250. Take pictures of a machines during their robotic work. A great example is bottles waiting to be labeled. The software company is also offering $75 to three other members for their photos. This contest is strictly for professionals, if you think you have the talent to win it, then enter now.

Classy Summer Drinks:

The second contest is Classy Summer Drinks. Capture the essence of summer time in a glass. This is one my favortie constests because it’s a great way to end the summer. I spent a lot of time this summer on patios enjoying cold drinks to cool down.  It can be a fruity drink or simply citrusy. Show Lenzr how you spent your summer and how you cooled down from the heat. Don’t forget to add some ice to your drink, the sponsor of this contest, a stainless steel ice cube tray knows the importance of the great chill . The winner of this contest will get $400 worth of product from the sponsor’s catalogue. The choice is yours. I would love new stainless steel items for my kitchen.

Both contests started on August 1st 2011. Just like all Lenzr contests, this is a 60 day challenge. Voting for the top 10 photos begins on September 15th but you can upload pictures until the 25th of the same month. The judges will deliberate and announce the winner October 1st.