Vehicle Wrapping as Event Marketing Tactic

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Thanks Sign Source Solution vehicle wrapping in Toronto for sending us a nifty design mock-up of what a 2015 Mini Cooper would look like if it was wrapped in freshly printed vinyl showing our brand logo and taglines in our signature pink and white colours. Its pretty cool, and a worthy example of vehicle wrapping as an event marketing business growth tactic.

Sign Source Solution, vehicle wrapping designSign Source Solution is run by Avi Barak, someone I’ll probably visit this year to get banners and sandwich boards made up for events. They have a great price for bag signs, and I’ve been thinking about getting some more signage for CityEvents. This is Sign Source Solution on Yelp.

As for vehicle wrapping, first we would have to buy a Mini Cooper! But although I had never really considered it, I will concede now that when presented with these designs, FAQs and statistics, I cannot deny that this would be an effective marketing tool for CityEvents.

front and back, vehicle wrapping designA Perfect Vehicle Wrap is Passive Advertising

Business owners with cool vehicle wraps can create tens of thousands of impressions by simply driving around town running errands. And when the car is parked out front of the business or at cool public events it kind of ‘signs’ the attraction for pedestrians.

The cost for this wrap is $2400 and that doesn’t include the design which they gave me for free but is something that most folks must buy in advance and sign off on.

This is indeed a pretty snazzy design that probably would catch a lot of eyeballs on the street. And I also notice (on the list of advantages they included along with the design pdf) the fact that the vinyl wrap would keep the original paint underneath perfectly preserved so I would have a new looking vehicle when I went for a trade-in.  But they don’t mention that there’s a cost for removing the vinyl. There is a cost right? There must be!

hod of car vehicle wrapping designShanny in the City also had a Mini Cooper designed for her too, same brand colours. It would be interesting to see the two cars parked beside each other at any outdoor events we do together.  Storia PR got a Volkswagon wrap mock up and my favourite so far is the vehicle wrap design for Snappy Towels because of the way the designer at Sign Source Solution used the folds in the rear quarter panel of the Mitsubishi car to add texture to the image of the towels – advanced vehicle wrapping art.

I’m considering getting this wrap because at the end of the day I think another advantage would be that it would boost morale among volunteers I ferry to and from gigs. It looks really professional…. What do you guys think?

ps- for an inside look at Sign Source Solution, Raymi Toronto was there when they were making the City Events mini cooper mock-up


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  2. […] Deb Lewis considered getting the vinyl vehicle wrap because she reasoned that the bright pattern would increase branding and expose her to more opportunities. The art would also increase morale among the droves of volunteers she frequently deploys at events especially outdoor events in the summer. […]

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