Toronto Blogging Festival is All About Inclusiveness

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It’s ironic that blogging conferences are not the best places to share your experiences. For one, newcomers are often too intimidated to start conversations with established bloggers. And even if you are an established blogger, strict conference schedules can make it hard to stick with interesting people.

Word11 wants to get rid of the stigma that blogging conferences are exclusive events. This Toronto festival takes place over 24 hours, meaning there are many chances for bloggers to talk amongst themselves.

That’s not to say that Word11 is only about meeting people. 13 high-profile speakers will be attending the event to share their thoughts on all aspects of blogging.

If you’re on the fence, here’s how Word11 stands apart from other conferences:

1. You’ll have 24 hours to meet interesting people
Conferences usually have after-parties, but they can fizzle out quickly and suffer from spotty attendance. Word11 will continue once the guest speakers are done. In fact, it’ll continue overnight in an environment they’re calling “an outdoor campground for bloggers.” With several hours to chat with others, Word11 could be your most productive all-nighter ever.

2. Presentation streams
Word11 has divided the event into 3 distinct “streams.” The streams deal with: 1) evolving the casual user, 2) entrepreneurship, and 3) hardcore development.

Streams make it easier to find people with similar backgrounds and interests. In the end, this will make starting conversations less awkward. Guest speakers may offer great insight, but hearing from someone dealing with your exact problems can be even more illuminating.

3. Sheer convenience
– The festival is located in downtown Toronto, and is accessible by public transit or car (lots of parking areas).

– People with hectic schedules will find something going on at all times.

– The kind of people going there are savvy with social media. You can bet there will be a trending topic on Twitter to share the conference’s latest developments.

With over 37 000 bloggers in Toronto, Word11 is set to be a hub for fruitful discussions. Novice bloggers are particularly welcome, and will have a hard time finding a more inclusive blogging event.

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