Lasa by Lamesa: Filipino Food with a Modern Twist

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The LASA by Lamesa restaurant is open for more than a year and a half and has already earned its spot on the buzzy St. Clair Avenue. The restaurant is managed by the same owners as the Lamesa restaurant downtown in Queen Street.

In a cozy and welcoming environment, guests can enjoy a Filipino dish with a twist. The Filipino culture has always been influenced by Chinese traders, Spanish settlers and American soldiers, therefore the Filipino cuisine is a mishmash of their own flavors and all these foreign influences.

The ‘Meriendas’, the Filipino name for a light snack, can be considered as starters at LASA. BBQ pork belly, lumpias and other Filipino inspired snacks are only a handful among the Merienda menu.

The restaurants also offers a various vegetarian menu. There are vegetarian meriendas such as vegetable lumpias and tofu.

The motto of LASA is to offer modern and freshly made Filipino dishes and at the same time a fast service. This makes the restaurant ideal for a quick lunch or dinner. The USP of the restaurant is really the fast service, the tasty food and the modern Filipino charisma. The restaurant can hold up to 32 seated guests.

LASA also offers sharing dishes for two to three people and a combo plate for one. When ordering the combo plate, guests can choose between different kind of meat or chicken combined with rice and vegetables. LASA can also prepare vegetarian alternatives for the sharing and combo plates.

Guests can order fresh vegetables, also called ‘Gulay’ and salads prepared according to the Filipino kitchen rules.

Steamed Jasmine rice and garlic fried rice can be served with every starter and main dish.

You can order large party trays for 12-15 people at LASA by Lamesa. These orders have to be made at least 48 hours in advance and can only be picked up at the restaurant. The menu of the party trays consists of finger food, vegetarian, chicken, beef stew and desserts.
This restaurant is definitely worth a visit! For more information, visit the website or contact the restaurant via mail or phone.


634 St Clair Ave. West
Toronto ON M6C 1A9



Opening hours:
Monday closes
Tuesday to Sunday: 12 PM – 9 PM