Valentine’s Day Event Tip


1. Set a Romantic Scene: Set up a scene that evokes feelings of love and desire – a lacy white or red table cloth with candles, fancy napkins and good china and wine glasses. Get creative – why not get cozy and do your dinner on a blanket by the fireplace or sit on pillows by your coffee table!

2. Plan a Romantic Menu: Take your lover’s likes and dislikes into consideration, maybe there is something special that he or she has always loved or something that they have always wanted to try? Foods that are red, pink, and white evoke the spirit of the holiday.

3. Serve a Romantic Dessert: This is one of the most important aspects for the entire meal as it will set the tone for the rest of your evening. Chocolate is known for it’s mood and libido enhancing properties so chocolate cake, brownies, or cupcakes are great choices. You could also try a fruity desert with Valentine’s Day theme colours like white chocolate raspberry cheesecake or strawberry sorbet with whipped cream!

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