“No soup for you!” that’s fine, there is a better option.

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Located in the heart of Liberty Village, its very own modern one-of-a-kind Japanese restaurant called Liberty Noodle. The restaurant serves healthy and nutritious Japanese inspired meals which include ramen and sushi with influences from far-off places like India, China and Thailand. The restaurant incorporates a clean and modern aesthetic, allowing the food to be the focus of their guest experience.

And speaking of guest experience, the owners of Liberty Noodle took part in a local networking event (Liberty Social Hour) and did an incredible job catering to their guests.

“Liberty Social hour is what it promises to be. The event was a huge success, a restaurant owner’s nightly wish. A good vibe, a great crowd- eclectic as the neighbourhood. Furthermore, the organizing team, lead during our event, by Jay Reyes, made it a walk in the park for me and my staff” said Sang Kim, Head Chef of Liberty Noodle.

A great place to enjoy great food with friends and co-workers, Liberty Noodle delivers a voyage of culinary travel through some of the most exciting foods of Asia.

“It was very nice of you to bring people together for Liberty Social Hour. This was a great opportunity to meet with my fellow community members and talk about the area. Liberty Social Hour exposed residents to the many great venues in their own backyard.” Mike Yen

“I must admit that I was really impressed with the networking sessions. I got business!!!!. My main objective in a networking is to find new leads. This Networking allowed me to gain new ideas and new approaches that I didn’t think of before.
It was amazing experience. I will definitely attend next year.” Alicia Galarza

“I attended the last 3 events and each time, I met new people from the neighbourhood. Great idea, great concept to bring people together!” Laure ampilhac

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