Planning a Party for St. Patrick

In a city with so many cultures, it is only natural that Toronto would celebrate a day of full spirited Irish traditions.  March 17th is fast approaching, and with our Irish luck this St. Patrick’s Day has landed on a Saturday!  Many will want to take advantage of the weekend and throw parties in the spirit of the leprechaun.  Here are some simple tips that will make your party the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


St. Patrick’s Day is all about green.  Most importantly you must wear green attire and encourage your guests to do the same.  Then one trip to the dollar store will save you money and maybe even save you a headache.  First pick up green shamrock decorations, along with stickers, balloons and construction paper.  Then make sure you grab green plates, cups, and cutlery for your St. Patty’s snacks.  Even with a small budget, you find all of your décor needs for under $20.

Food and Beverage 

The theme of this party is simple.  Green all the way through, even in the food!  Food colouring will be your best friend and your worst enemy.  Just add a few drops into beer, soda and even some food to get the feel good green effect.  Make sure to use the dye in plastic cups to avoid staining your own glassware.  Stick with classic finger foods and a variety of Irish beers.  Everyone can enjoy some classic food with a delicious new taste of beer.

Here are some ideas for Irish Brews that can be found at varying LCBO’s…

  • Guinness Irish Stout
  • Harp Irish Lager
  • Smithwicks Irish Amber Ale
  • Kilkenny Irish Cream Ale

For the ladies, try Animee Rosé Beer, an internationally known brew that has become very popular in Ireland and is available through Molson Coors.  The sweet and light taste will be splendidly refreshing this March month.


Finding the right music for an event can be very tricky when trying to satisfy a variety of people.  Here are some east coast Canadian artists that you can integrate into your own personal play list to get the perfect Celtic sounds.

  • Great Big Sea
  • The Barra MacNeils
  • Loreena McKennitt
  • Natalie McMaster
  • The Rankin Family
  • Ashley Mac Isaac


  • Pot of Gold – Balloon Pop

Take a bunch of cold balloons and fill some with a chocolate coin, some with real coins, some with plastic shamrocks and keep a handful empty.  Each guest has the chance to pop a balloon to find their lucky prize inside.  The excitement comes from the mystery of what is in the balloon.

  • Lucky Coin Grab

Fill a pot with chocolate coins and three Canadian loonies.  Each guest will have a chance to grab.  Either they will get a chocolate coin, or they will get a real dollar.  The three who pick the dollar will win St. Patrick’s Day merchandise.  They will get to choose between a hat, t-shirt, or shamrock beads.  Your prizes can vary depending on what you have available.

So whether your tradition is as simple as sporting some green gear for the day or drinking a pint of green beer, the tradition of the Irish is easy to carry on when you follow these simple party tips.

Best of luck!

-Samantha Crimi

CityEvents Intern



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3 Responses to “Planning a Party for St. Patrick”
  1. Joe says:

    Are you guys throwing a party?

  2. deblewis says:

    Unfortunately we’re not, but here are some great events going on in Toronto
    Have a fun holiday!

  3. Jenny says:

    These are really good ideas, thanks for the tips!

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