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The heart of Toronto made room for one of the largest events of its kind in the world. The 17th edition of the Fan Expo. This incredible event took place from August 25th until August 28th in the Metro Toronto Convention Center. With 700 exhibits on over 400,000 square feet it was believed to attract more than 75.000 fans.

Even on my way to the event, the streets were full of people dressed into their favourite character. It made people turn their heads.

The event is paradise for the lovers of Anime, Comic, Sci Fi, Horror and Gaming. With celebrity guests, autograph signings, Q&A sessions, seminars and workshops, one could not take the time to stand still. Add up to this the countless comics, books, toys, trading cards, posters and more and you have one incredibly successful event. The event was surprisingly not only for the obvious. Many parents also came with their children for a fun day off.

3D flatscreen tv’s hooked up on Xbox360 and Playstation 3 were immensely popular. Music and (fashion) shows were provided by horror punk bands, fashion brands from Japan and an army of Star Wars fighters. And the celebrity guests keep on getting better.

The most recognizable celebrities of this year were:

Sam Trammell – Sam Merlotte – True Blood
Tom Felton: Draco Malfoy – Harry Potter
Robert Englund – A Nightmare on Elmstreet, V, Supernatural, Babylon 5
Hayden Panettiere: Claire Bennet – Heroes
William Shatner: Captain James T. Kirk – Star Trek
Kevin Sorbo: Hercules – Hercules: The Legendary Journey
Eliza Dushku: Echo, Faith – DollHouse, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Michael Shanks – Dr. Daniel Jackson – Stargate SG-1
Malcolm McDowell – Dr. Tolian Soran – Star Trek: Generations
Nichelle Nichols – Uhura – Star Trek
Marina Sirtis – Deanne Troi – Star Trek: The Next Generation
Ethan Phillips – Neelix – Star Trek: Voyager

A wide selection of devoted fans and countless of things to do made this a memorable day for all.

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