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If you have been following our series of how to market and create the buzz on social media, here is our new video!
This time we are telling you how to promote your event through Hootsuite: an easy to navigate website that has a dashboard supporting social network integrations for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and more. Hootsuite let’s you schedule posts onto any social media platform days in advance without having to worry about manually posting. As posting on social media can be time consuming, hootsuite will help you to post on all your social media platforms in a minute.

Here are some highlights of the video:

Hootsuite is composed of 4 main tabs:
Streams: This is where you have the ability to watch all activity happening on your timeline or dashboard including live tweets, direct messages, whose retweeted or whose mentioned you. Here you can track what people are saying before, during, or after your event. Hootsuite also allows you to stream specific hashtags, keywords and followers to stay updated on current conversations. All you have to do is upload the csv spreadsheet template given to you, with date, time and your message.

Publisher: This is where you can schedule and post your messages. Instead of logging in every time you want to post something on your social media, you can schedule everything in advance and on all your social media. This is a real lifesaver! You can even schedule all your posts in one click thanks to bulk schedule.

Analytics:This tool will help you track your traffic and all the information you want of all your social media. Hootsuite lets you customize your analytics to any form you need to present and sends you an email with a PDF attachment of your click summaries.

Campaign tool: The campaign tool allows you to create sweepstakes, galleries, and contests in minutes. Holding a sweepstake or contest prior to your event is a good way to build hype and excitement for your event.

Watch our video below for more complete information and tips

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