How to market your event and create buzz with Snapchat

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If you have been following our series of how to market and create the buzz on social media, here is our new video!

This time we are telling you how to promote your event through Snapchat: a messaging mobile app where you can share exciting pictures, videos and daily life stories to others in a 10 second window. Snapchat sends pictures and videos that you will be able to see from 1 to 10 seconds before they disappear. This application is used by millions of young users which makes it the perfect place to market your event to this type of attendee.

Here are some highlights of the video:

  • Snapchat is easy to use. You only have to download the application on your phone and create your account.
  • Snapchat has its own terminology such as: snaps which are photos or videos, and stories which are series of snaps that you can send to your friends. You can personalize any of your snaps with filters, emojis or drawings.
  • Unlike other social media, Snapchat has a time constraint on the shared content, which means any snap you send will expire and will not be seen ever again. Stories are the best tool for your marketing campaign as the snaps can be seen during 24h. The extended view time opens the door to all kinds of creative marketing campaigns. For example, you can create a series of videos and images showing the progress of the preparation for your event or the teams working on certain aspects of the event.
  • Snapchat is an exciting application as it allows you to be very creative and to stand out from other companies. There are different ways you can market your event and create buzz such are creating offers & promotions, teasers like a behind the scenes of your event, giveaways and storytelling.

Watch our video below for more complete information and tips


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Cloud Warriors Coming to Cagneys Wine Bar

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Cloud Warriors is a phone based Twitter game played in WiFi cafes by clever people for real cash.

Cloud Warriors - data storage retreival gameThe rules are simple. Participants can use their phones or other devices to surf the web and get rare information, which are answers to questions picked at random by the Host spinning a ‘wheel of fortune’ which is sometime called the Thunder Wheel. The questions could be about anything, but will probably be about local events, businesses, charities and politicians.

Answering the questions in tweets with #CloudWarriors hashtag can yield cash rewards and prizes from sponsors.

Participants can come from anywhere in the GTA but will probably be local residents of Streetsville, or Mississauga. Everyone in the restaurant is eligible to play and win.

thunder wheel for cloud warriorsQuestions are picked at random by audience members who take turns spinning the Thunder Wheel; a crackling, booming thunder sound effect comes across the speakers at every interval as the wheel is spun. Every position on the wheel contains a trivia question for the audience.

The host reads the questions and challenge is presented in a visual representation with pictures and text spelling out exactly what’s required, illustrating the question to the audience participants.

Then all eyes turn to the Twitter-Wall.  The replies using the hashtag #CloudWarriors. The first correct ‘answer tweet’ to appear on the Twitter Wall, set to display #CloudWarriors responses, wins the reward and could qualify the participant for a seat at the Cloud Table.

CLOUD TABLE is where the most prolific winners are invited to sit and eventually where they compete for the Grand Prize donated by TeraGo Cloud Services. Drinks are free and tasty appetizers are laid out in abundance. The first correct answer gets to sit there, followed by the first winner with two victories, and then three and then four. There are only four seats at this table.

Cloud Warriors Debuts at Cagney’s on Tuesday Feb 24th at 6pm sharp.

CCagney's Wine Bar in Mississaugaagney’s Wine Bar and Steakhouse in Mississauga is set to host the Cloud Warriors event.

The event is open to anyone and any device.  It’s B.Y.O.D. which means players can bring any device the have, including phones, laptops, iPads, and android devices.  SURROUND Digital Marketing Agency reserves the right to examine, document winners’ hardware.  Each attendee will be asked to sign a release form granting photographers and videographers the use of their image forevermore in all mediums throughout the universe, or something like that. We will be making a photo gallery and videos as we do expect to run this game event in the future and will use this media to promote the concept to restaurants and businesses across Canada. There is some discussion around the Cloud Warriors event on SmartCanucks.