Lenzr Adds New Photo Contests to the mix

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It’s time for another Lenzr contest cycle. This round is a great opportunitiy for all  professional photographers out there. This contests always aim to inspire people to think outside the box, but this round speaks to the months of summer and professionals.

A Manufacturing Process:

The first contest is called A Manufacturing Process. Lenzr was approached by a software company for help finding images for the process manufacturing and lean manufacturing pages. The winners of this contest will receive a 3 year licensing agreement for photo use (not exclusive) and $250. Take pictures of a machines during their robotic work. A great example is bottles waiting to be labeled. The software company is also offering $75 to three other members for their photos. This contest is strictly for professionals, if you think you have the talent to win it, then enter now.

Classy Summer Drinks:

The second contest is Classy Summer Drinks. Capture the essence of summer time in a glass. This is one my favortie constests because it’s a great way to end the summer. I spent a lot of time this summer on patios enjoying cold drinks to cool down.  It can be a fruity drink or simply citrusy. Show Lenzr how you spent your summer and how you cooled down from the heat. Don’t forget to add some ice to your drink, the sponsor of this contest, a stainless steel ice cube tray knows the importance of the great chill . The winner of this contest will get $400 worth of product from the sponsor’s catalogue. The choice is yours. I would love new stainless steel items for my kitchen.

Both contests started on August 1st 2011. Just like all Lenzr contests, this is a 60 day challenge. Voting for the top 10 photos begins on September 15th but you can upload pictures until the 25th of the same month. The judges will deliberate and announce the winner October 1st.

9 advices to be the best at negotiating


1. Educate, educate
Before you walk into any negotiation do your homework, arm yourself with information, research the going prices and features then decide what you’re willing to spend. The more information you have the better bargainer you’ll be.

2. Act in a way your opponent feels comfortable with you

People like doing business with people they like. They’ll concede a point or two if they feel the other is honest and friendly. So set a pleasant and cooperative tone and your opponent will usually respond in kind. Start off slowly, banish the harsh sounding word NO, and find common interests.

3. Keep your cool

And put on your poker face when you walk in the door.

4. Find your opponent’s emotional needs and make use of them
Use a bit of psychology!

5. Trust yourself

Don’t diminish your credibility. Be polite but don’t back down. You’re your opponent in the eyes. Don’t pause and look away before answering.

6. Use silence

Silence almost always works in your favour. Hmmmm, I don’t know… and silence. Silence creates the impression of confidence and breaks the rhythm of negotiations.

7. Be direct about what you both want
Reveal your budget. Many people you deal with don’t like playing the negotiating game and would rather just make a quick and simple deal. All prices are negotiable; you just have to find the right person who can do the deal – and the courage to ask! A good line to use: “You’re entitled to make a profit, but if your competitors can do it for less, you guys probably can too.”

8. Ask and get the more information you can
And listen carefully to the answers. Watch the body language that accompanies the answers. Listening will also prevent you from revealing important and possibly damaging information of your own.

9. Control your feelings and be sure you leave in good terms
If you do make a deal, never let your opponent know what a good deal you received. And make sure your opponent feels good at the close of negotiations if you ever hope to deal with him again.

Top 10 Beverage Trends 2011

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Summer time means patios time, and patios time means sun, friends, and good beverage! Here is the must about beverage summer for this summer ! Try it and ENJOY.

Trend 1: Unoaked chardonnays are replacing the big oak wines of the past.

Trend 2: Sauvignon Blanc continues to gain popularity.

Trend 3: More obscure grape varieties like Torrontes, Bonarda, Carmenere, Albarino, Chenin Blanc are being embraced today.

Trend 4: Champagne sales are down, but sales of sparkling wines, such as Spanish Cava, Prosecco, French Cremant, are up. New and innovative cocktails and punches are making great use of these less expensive sparkling wine versions.

Trend 5: Sangria is making a comeback Often mixing in less expensive wines currently on the market. A sangria bar is an increasingly popular change of pace from Bloody Mary bars for brunch and cocktail parties. Cava Sangria, made with the sparkling Spanish Cava wine, for example, is refreshing and great fun to enjoy!

Trend 6: Retro with a twist … Basic cocktails, like martinis, mojitos, margaritas, sidecars, etc. are being revamped with fresh new ingredients such as herbs, spices..etc  The best bars and patios have stainless steel ice cube trays as part of the retro movement however these fixtures are always more hygienic and generally outlive their plastic counterparts.

Trend 7: Novelty is au courant in cocktails today.
Bars are creating contemporary ways to serve traditional cocktails … including, for example, wine popsicles.

Trend 8: Craft beers are hot.
“Beer dinners” are growing in popularity, demonstrating the compatibility of beer with food. Beer is also working its way into cocktails, such as with beer margaritas.

Trend 9: The Slow Food revolution now includes enjoying locally produced beverages.

Trend 10: The popularity of wine and wine-pairing classes is strong and gathering steam! Pairings of wine & cheese, wine & herbs, wine & chocolate are exceptionally strong today.

Hop, Skip and Jump Into Toronto’s Emerging Social Networing Hubs

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Locus 144

Locus 144

Located minutes away from the chaotic streets of downtown core, Liberty Village is an emerging community for socializing and networking just west of Toronto for businesses and residents. CityEvents and InLibertyVillage.com host events which enable locals to meet and mingle with each other. Continuing this successful trend- Locus 144, located in The Liberty Market during “Live It Up in Liberty”, held a successful community networking event on Thursday, July 28th showcasing their unique dinner menu and spirits lists.

The ambience of Locus 144 is very soothing, especially after a long day at work one would want tounwind and submerge themselves into the warm and cozy colour pallets of thedecor with lit candles welcoming you at the dinner table or lounge seating.

Lights were dimmed to perfection and the music just loud enough so people could still talk and not yell in each other’s ears. Locus also invited a local classic/pop singer to add some flavour to the already vibrant event and Lucia (www.luciaonline.com) sang for a set before the D.J took over playing into the late hours of a beautiful summer evening.

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